Plenary Session Speakers

 Shripad Tuljapurkar

Shripad Tuljapurkar
/Dean & Virginia Morrison Professor of Population Studies and Professor of Biology at Stanford University/

Plenary Session 1 / Global Trends in Population Aging and Longevity Risk

Shripad Tuljapurkar is Professor of Biology and the Dean & Virginia Morrison Professor of Population Studies at Stanford University, and former director of Stanford’s Center for Population Research. He is a member of the Center for the Demography and Economics of Aging at the University of California, Berkeley.
He has served on review panels at the US National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation; led a panel on aging for the International Union for the Scientific Study of Population; and served on a Technical Advisory Panel to the US Social Security Administration. He has done population research from multiple perspectives: demographic, ecological, evolutionary. Research areas include stochastic dynamics of human and natural populations; probability forecasts including aging and fiscal balance; prehistoric societies, sustainability, and human welfare.

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Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson
/President of the Global Aging Institute/

Plenary Session 1 / How Global Aging Will Transform the Economy, Society, and Geopolitical Order of the 21st Century

Richard Jackson is the founder and president of the Global Aging Institute (GAI), a nonprofit research and educational organization dedicated to improving understanding of the economic, social, and geopolitical challenges created by population aging. Richard is the author or co-author of numerous policy studies, including Global Aging and Retirement Security in Emerging Markets: Reassessing the Role of Funded Pensions (2015); From Challenge to Opportunity: Wave 2 of the East Asia Retirement Survey (2015); Lessons from Abroad for the U.S. Entitlement Debate (2014); The Global Aging Preparedness Index, Second Edition (2013); U.S. Development Policy in an Aging World: New Challenges and New Priorities for a New Demographic Era (2103); and The Graying of the Great Powers: Demography and Geopolitics in the 21st Century (2008). Richard regularly speaks on demographic issues and is widely quoted in the media. He holds a Ph.D. in history from Yale University and lives in Alexandria, Virginia, with his wife Perrine and their three children, Benjamin, Brian, and Penelope.

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Guy Coughlan

Guy Coughlan
/Chief Risk Officer, USS/

Plenary Session 1 / Longevity Black Swans: Looking Beyond Past Trends to What Potential Disruptive Developments in Medicine, Healthcare, Technology and Lifestyle May Mean for Life Expectancy

Guy is Chief Risk Officer at the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), a defined benefit UK pension plan with assets of approximately £50 billion. Guy joined USS in January 2015 from Pacific Global Advisors where he was Chief Risk and Analytics Officer. Prior to that he held several senior roles at JP Morgan, where he spent 17 years and finished as European Head of the Pension Advisory Group. While at J.P. Morgan Guy established the longevity solutions team and led the development of the LifeMetrics framework for managing longevity risk. Together with his J.P. Morgan colleagues he was involved in executing the world’s first two capital markets based transactions for longevity risk transfer. Guy holds a D.Phil. from Oxford University and an MBA from Henley Business School.

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Dylan Tyson

Dylan Tyson
/Executive Vice President and Former Chief Strategy Officer, Prudential Life of Korea/

Plenary Session 2 / Defining Retirement Security – The Needs of Real People in Asia

Dylan Tyson is Executive Vice President and Former CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) of Prudential Life Insurance of Korea. As CSO he oversaw strategy, marketing, product development, sales compensation, project management and asset management at POK.
Before transferring to Prudential of Korea, he was a senior vice president charged with overall responsibility for Prudential’s rapidly growing Pension Risk Transfer business in the United States. Serving more than 5,700 clients and 1.6 million individuals, Dylan led a team of over 240 colleagues across multiple locations to deliver innovative solutions for Prudential’s clients.
In 2012 Dylan led the breakthrough General Motors Corporation pension buy-out transaction, a $25 billion group annuity contract purchase that transferred the benefit obligations for nearly 110,000 General Motors retirees to Prudential.
Dylan joined Prudential in 1995 through the company’s Advanced Management Development program. In his almost two decades of tenure, Dylan has developed broad experience in defined benefit and institutional investment products, serving at various times as head of payout Annuities, Investment Only Stable Value, Business Development for Institutional Investment Products, and Structured Settlements.
Dylan received his bachelor’s degree with high honors from Stanford University, and an M.B.A. from the Anderson School at UCLA. Dylan is a CFA® Charterholder.


Ronnie Klein

Ronald Klein
/Director of Ageing at The Geneva Association /

Plenary Session 2 / Changing the Environment to Encourage Solutions
Panel discussion from a public policy perspective

Ronnie Klein is the Director of Global Aging for The Geneva Association –the leading international insurance think tank for strategically important insurance and risk management issues.
As the leader of The Geneva Association’s work on global ageing issues his responsibilities include the development and publication ofpapers and articles on the topic of global ageing; leadership ofthe annual Geneva Association Health & Ageing Conference;managing the industry working group on global ageing; liaisonwith other(re)insurance and ageing-related associations as well asrepresentationof The Geneva Association at conferences andmeetings. Ronnie willbring a practical approach to research by providing workable suggestions to mitigate global risks related to ageing.
Prior to joining The Geneva Association, Ronnie was the Head of Protection Pricing and Head of Reinsurance for the Life Division of Zurich Insurance Group in Zurich Switzerland. While at AIG in New York, he structured internal and external reinsurance solutions as Head of Life Reinsurance.
Ronnie worked for the Life Division of Swiss Re in New York and London as the Head of Global Pricing and Head of Marketing for NorthAmerica. During his tenure at Swiss Re, he developed the first mortality bond and is the patent holder.
In 1980, Ronnie began his career at the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York in various roles including Agent Compensation, Health Insurance andReinsurance.
Ronnie is a Fellow in the Society of Actuaries and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries. He is currently on the Board of Directors of the Society of Actuaries. Ronnie graduated from Binghamton University with honors.


Wonshik Kim

Wonshik Kim
/Professor, Economics, College of International Business, Konkuk University/

Plenary Session 2 / Changing the Environment to Encourage Solutions
Panel discussion from a public policy perspective

Ph.D. (Economics), Department of Economics, Texas A&M University, U.S.A, 1988
M.A. (Economics), Department of Economics, Sogang University, Korea, 1982
B.A. (Economics), Department of Economics, Sogang University, Korea, 1980

Specialties Public Finance/ Public Policy
Labor Economics
Social Insurance/ Welfare program
Public pension/ Private pension
Health Insurance
Business Career
Present, Member, Committee of National Pension
Present, Member, Committee of National Health Insurance
2014 President, Korea Public Finance Association
2011 President and Founder, Korea Pension Association
2009 President, Korea Social Security Association

“Tax Policy for the Private Pension in Korea,” Journal of Public Finance, Vol.9-4, Dec. 2016. pp. 33-58. (in Korean)
Assessing to the Sustainable Social Security System, Hansun Foundation, 2008 (in Korean)


Dr. Donghyun Park

Dr. Donghyun Park
/Principal Economist, Asian Development Bank/

Plenary Session 2 / Changing the Environment to Encourage Solutions
Panel discussion from a public policy perspective

Dr. Donghyun Park is Principal Economist at the Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), which he joined in April 2007.
Prior to joining ADB, Dr. Park was a tenured Associate Professor of Economics at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He has a PhD in Economics from UCLA, and his main research fields are international finance, international trade, and development economics. His research, which has been published extensively in journals and books, revolves around policy-oriented topics relevant for Asia’s long-term development, including the middle-income trap, population aging, and financial sector development.
Dr. Park plays a leading role in the production of the Asian Development Outlook (ADO), and is the team leader of the group that produces the Asia Bond Monitor (ABM). Both ADO and ABM are flagship ADB publications.

Principal Economist
Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department
Asian Development Bank
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Jennifer Wang
/ Vice President of NCCU, Former Chairman of Financial Supervisory Commission in Taiwan /

Plenary Session 2 / Changing the Environment to Encourage Solutions
Panel discussion from a public policy perspective

Plenary Session 5 / New Deployment of Fintech Solutions for Hedging Longevity Risk

Professor Jennifer Wang is the Distinguished Chair Professor and Vice President of National Cheng-Chi University. She is the current president of Taiwan Risk and Insurance Association (TRIA) in Taiwan and the chairman of Fintech Research Center at National Cheng-Chi University. For the past three years, she has served as the Chairperson of the Financial Supervisory Commission in Taiwan. Professor Wang was also elected as a board member of both the American Risk and Insurance Association and the Asia-Pacific Risk and Insurance Association. With extensive research in the risk management for insurance companies and pension fund management, professor Wang has served for years as the board of director and consultant for many life insurance companies and as the board member to various committees in major pension funds, including National Annuity Insurance Fund, Labor Insurance Fund, and Public Service Pension Fund in Taiwan. She was also the president for Pension Funds Association in Taiwan, and a research fellow of China Center for Insurance and Social Security Research in Peking University, China. Her main area of research interest includes risk management and insurance, longevity risk and pension, financial market, Fintech, retirement planning and annuity market, especially in the asset liability management issues for pension fund and insurance companies.

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Amy Kessler

Amy Kessler
/Senior Vice President and Head of Longevity Risk Transfer, Prudential Retirement /

Plenary Session 2 / Providing Retirement Security – Balancing Value and Risk in Lifetime Income Solutions

Amy KESSLER is senior vice president and head of Longevity Risk Transfer within Prudential's Pension Risk Transfer business. In this role, Amy leads Prudential’s longevity reinsurance business globally and serves on the senior leadership team for Prudential’s pension risk transfer efforts in the United States. In 2011, Amy led Prudential's successful launch of its longevity reinsurance product and, together with her exceptional team, has closed more than $45 billion in international reinsurance transactions since, covering members of nearly 200 pension funds in the United Kingdom, including British Airways and Rolls Royce. In 2014, Amy led Prudential’s reinsurance team in the largest and most innovative longevity risk transfer transaction on record for the BT Pension Scheme – this transaction was recognized as “Deal of the Year” by Risk Magazine and earned Prudential top honors as “Reinsurer of the Year,” an honor they received again in 2015 and 2016. With nearly 30 years of experience, Amy is an innovator whose work helps pension funds proactively manage longevity risk and create retirement security for their members.


Dale Hall

Dale Hall
/Managing Director of Research, Society of Actuaries/

Plenary Session 3 / Society of Actuaries Mortality Research: Implications for Insurers and Pensions

R. Dale Hall, FSA, MAAA, CERA, CFA is Managing Director of Research for the Society of Actuaries (SOA), a position he’s held since December 2013. In his role, Dale coordinates the SOA’s strategic research partnerships, oversees SOA experience studies, coordinates research across the SOA’s wide variety of actuarial practice areas, and directs the SOA’s data-driven in-house research initiatives. He is a frequent speaker at insurance and retirement industry meetings to highlight SOA research, including presentations to the actuarial task forces of the NAIC and congressional committee testimony on pension plan mortality rates. He has appeared on behalf of the SOA in a variety of media outlets including coverage on C-SPAN and National Geographic’s BREAKTHROUGH television series, and hosts the weekly Society of Actuaries Research Insights Podcast.
Prior to joining the SOA, Dale spent over 20 years in the US insurance industry, primarily as Chief Actuary for the Life/Health companies of COUNTRY Financial. While at COUNTRY, he was active in industry as a member of the ACLI Actuarial Committee, and was an adjunct professor in the actuarial science program at Illinois State University.
Dale is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries, a Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst and a CFA charterholder. Dale earned his MBA in Finance from Capital University and his BS in Mathematics from John Carroll University.


Douglas Anderson

Douglas Anderson
/Founder of Club Vita and Life & Financial Service/

Plenary Session 3 / One Size Does Not Fit All: The Importance of Granular Mortality Data in Pricing

Douglas is an entrepreneurial actuary, with a passion for developing a vibrant market in longevity risk transfers.  His actuarial career spans over thirty years and has been a partner in Hymans Roberson for approaching twenty years.  Douglas founded Club Vita in the UK in 2008 and Hymans Robertson’s enterprise risk management practice in 2011.  Before focusing on longevity risk, Douglas advised trustees and corporate sponsors of final salary pension funds on funding and risk management issues.
Club Vita has grown to track the survival patterns in a diverse population of 2.5m UK pensioners from around 220 defined benefit pension schemes.  Its longevity model, known as VitaCurves, revealed a longevity spectrum of over 10 years between sub groups of the population when data on postcode and income before retirement were captured.   This model is now used by seven global longevity reinsurers to help them acquire UK longevity risk and it has supported around half of the forty successful longevity risk transfers from UK pension schemes.   
Recent UK research has focussed on improving our understanding of longevity trends over time by splitting the population into socio-economic groups.  This showed that the socio-economic gap closed between 2000 and 2010, but has started to grow again since 2010, possibly linked to growing demands on the UK’s health and social service system as its population ages. 
     Building on its success in the UK, Douglas is working with Eckler in Canada to develop Club Vita Canada.  The early results emerging from Canada are remarkably consistent with those revealed in UK. 
Douglas has recently co-authored, with Steven Baxter, a chapter on longevity risk management for the Palgrave Handbook of Unconventional Risk Transfer (edited by Maurizio Pompella and Nicos A Scordis).

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Chao-Ting Lin

Chao-Ting Lin
/Managing Senior Executive Vice President of Cathay Life/

Plenary Session 3 / Mortality Modelling and Longevity Challenges for Taiwan Insurers

-Master, Department of Mathematics, National Taiwan University, 1992
-PhD program study, Department of Mathematics, Purdue University, U.S.A., 1996
-PhD candidate, Department of Finance, National Taiwan University, 2004

-Product design
-Financial reporting (Including US GAAP 、IFRS )
-Merger and acquisition
-Actuarial appraisal of life insurance company
-Capital management
-Asset liability modeling and management
-Pricing & Evaluation of financial Derivatives

Business Career
-1996 Joined Cathay Life Insurance Company
-2004 Manager, Actuarial Dept.
-2006 Senior Vice President
-2009 Executive Vice President
-2015 Senior Executive Vice President
-2017 Managing Senior Executive Vice President
responsible for Product Development Dept., Investment Product Development Dept., Product Management Dept., Actuarial Department I, Actuarial Department II, Corporate Planning Dept., Financial Planning Dept., Accounting Dept.

-“Evaluation of capital adequacy on mortality risk of Taiwan insurance market-comparison between credibility theory and Monte Carlo simulation” appeared in annual actuarial conference of Taiwan 1998



Cheng-Wei Chang
/ Manager, Product Pricing Dept., Fubon Life Insurance Company Ltd. /

Plenary Session 3 / Insurance Product Design, Natural Hedging and Longevity Risk

Education and qualification
National Taiwan University MBA、National Taiwan University Dept. of Mechanical Engineering 、Fellow of the Society of Actuaries、Fellow of Actuarial Institute of Chinese Taipei

-Fubon Life (2006-present) / Product Pricing Dept.
-Fubon Life (2003-2005) /Actuarial Dept.
-Chinatrust Commercial Bank (2002) / Institutional Credit Risk Management Division



Ricky Chau
/ Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Franklin Templeton Solutions, Franklin Templeton Investments (Asia) Limited, Hong Kong /

Plenary Session 4 / Evolution of Multi-Asset Strategies and Longevity Risk

Ricky Chau is a vice president and portfolio manager for Franklin Templeton Solutions (FTS) responsible for multi-asset portfolio management and product solutions within Asia. He is working closely with different functional units and investment offices to help deliver solution-style fund products that meet the income and total return needs of Asian investors, through both strategic & tactical asset allocation and manager & strategy selection research. Mr. Chau is also a member of the FTS Global Investment Committee.

Mr. Chau joined Franklin Templeton Investments in 2016 and has 16 years of financial experience. Before joining Franklin Templeton, he held various multiasset roles covering portfolio management, portfolio construction, investment research, and advisory in various companies such as Manulife Asset Management, AXA Investment Managers, and UBS AG. Mr. Chau has lived and worked in Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada.

Mr. Chau holds a B.A. in economics from the University of British Columbia and an M.B.A. from the Heriot Watts University at Edinburgh. He also holds a Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) charter from the Canadian Securities Institute.


Vanessa Wang

Vanessa Wang
/Managing Director, North Asia Amundi Hong Kong Ltd./

Plenary Session 4 /Global Market Solutions for Longevity Risk

Vanessa Wang joins as a Managing Director in Amundi Hong Kong Limited, the North Asia Regional Headquarter of Amundi Asset Management, the largest European Asset Manager with over $1.3 trillion AUM. Based in Hong Kong, Vanessa leads the Sales and Marketing teams and works with Client Servicing team to provide investment solutions to Central Banks, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Pension Funds and Corporates, and is responsible for lnstitutional Business for North Asia region.
Prior to joining Amundi, Vanessa was a Managing Director and Asia Pacific Head of Pensions in Citigroup since 2010, working across various Citi Markets and Securities Services teams to advance pension fund investments and solutions. Vanessa was a member of the Leadership team of Citi Securities Services Asia Pacific, and one of the 50 Citiwomen selected globally for Women Leading Citi program 2014-2015.
Moving from New York to Beijing in 2006, Vanessa has over 20 years of experience in pension advisory in US and in Asia Pacific. Her expertise includes pension reform and investment management. Prior to joining Citi, Vanessa was a Partner and Asia Head of the Retirement, Risk and Finance business in Mercer.
ln addition to her business role, Vanessa also involved in advisory to pension industry and regulators in Asia. Vanessa is the Chairman of Hong Kong Retirement Scheme Association, the leader of Retirement lncome Workstream of Asia Pacific Financial Forum under APEC, and a member of World conomic Forum's Global Council for lnsurance and Asset Management lndustry. Graduated from University of Minnesota with a Master degree in Mathematics, Vanessa is a Fellow of Society of Actuaries (FSA) and an Enrolled Actuary in US.


James Liu

James Liu
/ Chairman, PHEW Inc. & Chairman, PruWell Investment Ltd./

Plenary Session 5 / InsurTech Innovation

-M.A. in Statistics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
-M.A. in Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
-B.S. in Applied Mathematics, Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

-Fellow of the Society of Actuaries(FSA)(1989)
- Member of the American Academy of Actuaries (MAAA)(1989)
-Member of the American Statistical Association(MASA)
-Fellow of the Actuarial Institute of Taiwan

Paul Revere Life Insurance Company, Worcester, Massachusetts
Assistant Actuary, DI Reinsurance Department
Actuarial Assistant, Experience Analysis/Product Development
Prudential Life Insurance Company of America, Newark, New Jersey
Actuarial Director, International Insurance Department
Actuarial Manager, Actuarial Product Development Department
Manulife Insurance Company, Taiwan
Assistant General Manager and Chief Financial Officer
AEGON Life Insurance (Taiwan) Inc.
President & CEO
A Member of the Executive Council
AEGON-CNOOC Life Insurance Company Ltd.
Executive Board Director
AEGON-CNOOC Life Insurance Company Ltd.
Chairman of Strategy Committee
AEGON-INDUSTRIAL Fund Management Co. Ltd.
Board Director
The Insurance Stabilization Funds R.O.C.
Board Director
European Chamber of Commerce Taipei (ECCT)
Board Director
TransGlobe Life Insurance Inc.

-【Golden Peak Award】by OEMCROC (1998)
-【Golden Knight Award】(2001)
-【Golden Torch Award】by OEMCROC(2002)
-【Golden Merchant Awards】by The General Chamber of Commerce of ROC (2006)
-【Benchmark Award of Leadership】by ROC National HR InnoPrize(2008)
-【The National Brand YuShan Award “Outstanding Enterprise”】(2012)
-【Golden Peak Award “Top-10 Leaders”】by OEMCROC (2013)



Tetsushi Yamaguchi
/General Manager of Reinsurance Dept. of The Gibraltar Life Insurance Company Co., Ltd./

Plenary Session 5 / Longevity Risk and Fintech Long-term Care Experiences in Japan

Personal summary
  • Tetsushi Yamaguchi, General Manager of Reinsurance Dept. of The Gibraltar Life Insurance Company Co., Ltd., has nearly 30 years' of experience in life insurance business.
  • In Gibraltar Life, AIG Star Life, IBM, and some large life companies, Yamaguchi had engaged in product development for over 10 years, being in charge of negotiating with Financial Services Agency of Japanese regulator.
  • Yamaguchi has also many experiences in several other areas, such as IT strategy, sales marketing promotion, operation, actuarial, and project management.
  • Since 2014, Yamaguchi has been managing both ceding and assuming reinsurance of Gibraltar Life. Through reinsurance business, he has supported product development of many direct insurance companies.
  • Furthermore, in seven countries he had over 20 lectures in the seminar held by Life Insurance
  • Association in Asian countries and Oriental Life Insurance Cultural Development Center (OLIS).
    ※ Yamaguchi majored in Finance Management Theory in Commerce Dept. of Waseda University.
    At present, he has a role of vice representative secretary of the alumni association of Waseda University.
Work experience
  • 2012 : Gibraltar Life = Manager of Product Planning Dept., General Manager of Reinsurance Dept. of Actuarial Group since 2014)
  • 2005 : AIG Star Life = Manager of Profit Center Health Insurance Dept, Manager of Independent Agency Management Dept.
    General Manager of Product Development Dept. and General Manager of Sales Promote Tool( include Portable Device APP) Dept
  • 2000 : IBM Japan = Participated in projects of "Cho-Hoken of Tokyo Marine" and "Next new system of Nihon Life" and won President's and Director's awards.
  • 1990 : Chiyoda Life = Product Development Dept., Sales Promotion Dept., Head of Tokyo Metropolitan Area Sales Agency


Yu-Fang Tseng

Yu-Fang Tseng
/ Assistant Vice President Actuarial Department, Mercuries Life Insurance /

Invited Speaker

Professional Designations / Educational Background
-Fellow of Society of Actuaries (FSA)
-Fellow of Actuarial Institute of Republic of China (FAIRC)
-MSc in Actuarial Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA
-B.S. in Business Mathematics, Soochow University, Taiwan

Working Experience
Mercuries Life (2003.05~ present)
-Actuarial Projects, Reinsurance, RBC, and IFRS 4 etc, Actuarial Dept. (2011~ present)
-Pricing & product development, Product Development Dept. (2008.07~2010)
-U.S GAAP valuation/modeling, Financial Reporting & Strategy Dept. (2003.05~2008.06)

Prior to Mercuries Life
-- Worked with insurers of Farglory Life, ING-Life of Georgia, Citicorp Life, and Winterthur Life. Mainly focused on product development, pricing, and modeling.


Sharon Chao

Sharon Chao
/ Director, Multi-Asset Solutions Investment Department, Alliance Bernstein Taiwan /

Invited Speaker

Sharon Chao joined AB in 2014 as Head of Multi-Asset Solutions in Taiwan. Previously, she was the offshore fund manager and client portfolio manager at J.P. Morgan Asset Management (Taiwan). Prior to that, Chao worked in marketing at Yuan Shou International and Prudential Financial Securities Investment Trust Enterprise. She holds a BS in business management from the State University of New York, Stony Brook, and an MBA in financial institutions and markets/corporate financial management from the State University of New York, Buffalo. Location: Taiwan