David Blake
/Professor of Cass Business School, Director of the Pensions Institute/

Dr David Blake is Professor of Pension Economics at Cass Business School, City University, Director of the Pensions Institute and Chairman of Square Mile Consultants, a training and research consultancy. He is also: Co-Founder with JPMorgan and Towers Watson of the LifeMetrics Indices; Senior Research Associate, Financial Markets Group, London School of Economics; Senior Consultant, UBS Pensions Research Centre, London School of Economics; and Research Associate, Centre for Risk & Insurance Studies, University of Nottingham Business School. Formerly Director of the Securities Industry Programme at City University Business School; Research Fellow at both the London Business School and the London School of Economics; and Professor of Financial Economics at Birkbeck College, University of London. David Blake was a student at the London School of Economics in the 1970s and early 1980s, gaining his PhD on UK pension fund investment behaviour in 1986. In 1996, he established the Pensions Institute (www.pensions-institute.org).

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Richard MacMinn
/Senior Research Fellow of National Chengchi University and The University of Texas/

Professor Richard D. MacMinn, BA, MA, PhD, is the first holder of the Edmondson-Miller Chair in Insurance and Financial Services at Illinois State University and was previously the first holder of the Swiss Re Chair in the Management of Risk at the University of Nottingham. He was editor of the Journal of Risk and Insurance, the lead journal in the world on insurance and risk management, published by the American Risk and Insurance Association from 1998 through 2006. He is an associate editor for the Journal of Risk and Insurance, the Asia-Pacific Journal of Risk and Insurance, the Journal of Insurance Issues and the Quarterly Journal of Economics and Finance. Professor MacMinn served as a board member of the Asia-Pacific Risk and Insurance Association from 2000-2003, as a board member for the American Risk and Insurance Association from 2003-2006 and is a member of the American Risk and Insurance Association, Asia-Pacific Risk and Insurance Association, European Group of Risk and Insurance Economists, Southern Risk and Insurance Association, Western Risk and Insurance Association, American Economic Association and American Finance Association. He has published in journals including the Journal of Risk and Insurance, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, Geneva Papers, Journal of Political Economy, Quarterly Journal of Economics, and Journal of Finance. He has thrice won the prestigious Mehr Award in addition to a number of other awards from the American Risk and Insurance Association, Casualty Actuarial Society, and General Insurance Research Organization in the United Kingdom and Asia-Pacific Risk and Insurance Association for his publications

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Jennifer Wang
/ Vice President of NCCU, Former Chairman of Financial Supervisory Commission in Taiwan /

Professor Jennifer Wang is the Distinguished Chair Professor and Vice President of National Chengchi University. She is the current president of Taiwan Risk and Insurance Association (TRIA) in Taiwan and the chairman of Fintech Research Center at National Chengchi University. For the past three years, she has served as the Chairperson of the Financial Supervisory Commission in Taiwan. Professor Wang was also elected as a board member of both the American Risk and Insurance Association and the Asia-Pacific Risk and Insurance Association. With extensive research in the risk management for insurance companies and pension fund management, professor Wang has served for years as the board of director and consultant for many life insurance companies and as the board member to various committees in major pension funds, including National Annuity Insurance Fund, Labor Insurance Fund, and Public Service Pension Fund in Taiwan. She was also the president for Pension Funds Association in Taiwan, and a research fellow of China Center for Insurance and Social Security Research in Peking University, China. Her main area of research interest includes risk management and insurance, longevity risk and pension, financial market, fintech, retirement planning and annuity market, especially in the asset liability management issues for pension fund and insurance companies.

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Jason Chenghsien Tsai

Jason Chenghsien Tsai
/ Professor, Department of Risk Management and Insurance, National Chengchi Univerity /

Jason Chenghsien Tsai is a professor of the Risk Management and Insurance Department and the chair of the Research Center on the Sustainable Development of Insurance Industries at National Chengchi University. Jason’s research interests lie at the intersection of insurance and finance. He has published in the Journal of Risk and Insurance, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, European Journal of Operational Research, among others. Jason has led and participated in many projects for insurance supervisors, organizations, and companies in Taiwan. He was a Fulbright Scholar visiting Santa Clara University. Jason’s doctoral degree is in Risk Management and Insurance from Georgia State University. He got his Master’s and Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University and National Taiwan University, respectively.

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